Hiking app

Hiking App

The idea was to create an app that will help hikers to pack equipment for their hiking trips, both for individuals and for the groups. In the application itself, users can add items to their backpacks for hiking and camping and share information with their travel companions in  rder to optimise the content they pack into their backpacks with the goal of keeping their bags at an ideal weight.
Project summary:
The user wants to create a check-list in order to pack for his/her next hiking trip. He/she will start by adding the date and location of the trip, which will generate a weather forecast and, based on the information in the forecast, will suggest items to pack. The list can also be edited manually. It can be filtered using categories like clothes, food, etc. Item details and back-pack capacity
While adding a new item to the checklist, the user can automatically edit the quantity, and/or request another hiker in the group to pack this item instead. As the capacity of their backpacks is limited, hikers can optimise by sharing items and packing only one item of certain types of equipment for the whole group. Users can share a packing list within the app, and check the capacity of each backpack in the group, seeing how much space is left and whether or not there is any redundancy.