Relocate bern

Case Study Relocate Bern

This application is designed to help people who have just moved to Bern to find important information about the city, share their experiences, and meet new people.
A guide to feel you more like at home The project started with two cantons. Their content was a sample that I started working with, using it to plan the page structure and the components that I would use.
The canton overview pages contain info cards, an image gallery, a shop and the time scale. The time scale component is a history of different events in a given canton. By using arrows or by clicking on a year, the user can navigate the timeline.
An additional challenge was to scale this component to mobile devices. Users see the pages of groups, cafes, restaurants, clubs, organisations etc. Users can make and edit their own profile with information about themselves, and can also add filters about their own interests and sign up for the groups and events that they are interested in. Users can add their own interests so they can stay up to date about all events in areas of interest. There is an option to search for concrete interests or to use the hashtags filter. All interests, events and groups that users add can be seen on their own dashboards. There are advantages to the filters as well. The user is able to search for a person who has the same needs. For example, a user can search for tennis player to find a partner for a game.