Case Study Weltspiegel TV and mobile App

Der Weltspiegel is the television program broadcasted on Der Erste. Its name comes from Der Weltspiegel newspaper, with correspondence reports from the ARD studios worldwide. The issue was that the format was poorly transferred to the digital world. That affected the content, which was otherwise engaging.

What were my goals?

– to make the app cleaner, more visually appealing and distinctive
– to put more spotlight on the reportages
– to attract new users
– to improve cross-device connection – between mobile app, TV app and the website.

How did I achieve that?

By establishing app design standards appropriate for the specific digital surroundings. Based on these, we created a modern and minimal design – bringing the right content to the user in a simpler and more meaningful way:

– with interactive maps, videos and visual storytelling
– by simplifying the UX of the mobile app
– by introducing a social media sharing option
– by bringing more interactivity within the platform with a focus on users’ needs