Zurich Kantonsrat

Zürich Kantonsrat Platform Redesign

As a part of the Binkerpartnerinnen team, I was working on the redesign of the Zurich Kantonsrat website.
My job was to:
– Do the research
– Create wireframes
– Build the web architecture (as a part of the team)
– Design various UI components for the website.
Zurich Kantonsrat had its own old site, which, aside from being old-fashioned and atheistically inadequate, did not satisfy the needs of the user. It was not responsive, the filters did not work properly, and it was very difficult to navigate through the site and to find the needed information. One more issue with the old web site was that, with its content and presentation, it did not suit the various target groups. The content of the site was very detailed: aside from the activities and former members of the Cantonal Council, the site also included all reports from meetings, different organisations, media, etc.
The challenge was to create a website that would support all of the functional aspects that are expected and for the content to be presented in an easy to use way, while still meeting the various target groups.
Zurich Kantonsrat | 2020