Kinder und jugendfoerderung wirkt

Case Study – Kinder und Jugendföderung wirkt

Kjfw association runs different activities focusing on children and young adults in Switzerland.
The project task was to create a web platform that would contain information on all activities provided by various NGOs. They will be able to enter the content themselves using the CMS system.
The project started with two cantons. Their content was a sample I started working with, using it to plan the page structure and the components I would use.
Canton overview pages contain info cards, image gallery, shop, and the time scale. Time scale components represent a history of different events in a given canton. By using arrows or clicking on a year, the user can navigate the timeline. The additional challenge was to scale this component to mobile devices.
The visual approach is minimalistic, so the content stays in focus. Fonts, colors, and other visual components have been carefully chosen to fit the KJFW brand and target audience. All components are standardized and pre-thought out so that all 26 cantons can optimally represent their content.
One of the challenges was to inform the users exactly where they are located on the website. Therefore, each canton is represented in a
different color. Using the same components across the platform offers a consistent experience, and the color altering helps differentiate each canton.
OKAJ Zurich | 2020